Advertising Package AGS Article no.: 400.400.100

Technical data
Advertising Package AGS

Impress your customers directly at the point of sale– in the workshop – with the advantages of gear flushing. GL TECHNICS has developed a product of its own in the “Oil Change Plus” which demonstrates the advantages of a thorough cleaning of the gears over a “normal” oil change.

Folding Card

The postcard in A6 format with the Eyecatcher title picture informs the customer about all the “Oil Change Plus”. The title side can be separated as a postcard. The info part on the rear side has a space for your company stamp.

With our advertising package – consisting of a poster and info postcard – we give you all the necessary arguments you need for selling the “Oil Change Plus”.


Placard in frame

The customer stopper in A1 format raises awareness with the “Oil Change Plus” motif in the entrance or waiting area of the vehicle workshop.


  • 2 Product placards in A1 format
  • 1 Placard frame in A1 format
  • 20 info folding cards A6 format with stamp area for your company logo
  • 1 counter display to hold the postcards