Digital Hand Tire Inflator with calibration certificate Article no.: 201.004.000

Technical data
Measurement range0 bis 12 bar
Smallest display unit0.05 bar, rounded
Maximum operational pressure15 bar
Temperature range-10 ° C bis 40 ° C
IP protection class54
Power supply2 x 1,5 V Micro batteries AAA
Digital Hand Tire Inflator with calibration certificate

The compact digital hand tire inflator measures the tire pressure and inflates and deflates tires very quickly and accurately. It offers the following advantages in comparison with other similar commercial appliances:

Analog pressure manometers are very sensitive to impacts.
With the von GL TECHNICS digital hand tire inflator, the electronic pressure sensor in the interior is well protected by a fuller rubber surround above the housing. This makes the appliance durable and robust.

Tire pressure can be quickly read on the digital display.
The digital display is very clear. The tire pressure can be read very quickly with a reaction time of only 0.25 seconds.

Digital-precise measurement of the actual tire pressure
Measurement of the pressure is accurate to within 0.05 bar. Checking the digital display segment ensures in a fraction of a second before use of the tire that the tire pressure is measured reliably and correctly. The displayed value always corresponds to the actual tire pressure present. In this way, the GL TECHNICS digital hand tire inflator circumvents possible differences with analogue appliances which can lead to false measurement results, for example due to deformations of the bourdon tube.

The appliance is calibrated
(State Construction approval / mark 18.08 / 08.08).

The digital hand tire inflator is operated with commercially available batteries. No tools are needed for changing them.


  • Tire connector valve. Article-No. 201.110.011
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